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Okay okay, I know what you guys are thinking. How has this perfect and majestic song gone unsung by me for so long? It’s a tragedy I didn’t cover it right away. JUST LOOK AT THAT ODDLY ASIAN LOOKING AMERICAN MOVIE STAR MAN. THIS IS THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN SINCE COOKIE CRUNCH.

But seriously, this song is super fun and I love it. If you don’t know about this song, it was made by one of my favorite people and creator of the Kagerou Project. Yes, this is “America” written by Jin. I nearly lost it at IA riding a motorcycle through explosions alone, so obviously this was getting an English cover no matter what. I, of course, took liberties to make this more natural and an overall fun cover. I mixed in my rambling too (sorry).

So yep, quick and lax, this my AMERICA.

CREDITS: Original Video: Lyrics, Music, Lead Guitar: Jin (じん) works:mylist/33413141 Rhythm Guitar: Asahi (アサヒ)(Contemporary Life) mylist/25210180 Bass: Mashiro Shirakami (白神真志朗) mylist/31254835 Drums: Toshiyuki Takao (高尾俊行) Illustration: Akasaka Aka (赤坂アカ)

      • I own nothing except my vocals and English lyrics!

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Wait, wait. So this is a song about America? I mean, that’s the name of it, right? So then shouldn’t I be singing something more American? Like hamburgers or Walmart or large people on mini scooters… Oh my god, okay I’m done. I guess I’ll just sing.

Ya know, I don’t feel “alright”. No like seriously, I just read this really depressing manga. Like he killed the girl’s mother and I think the world ended at some point? …I don’t know HOW to feel.

Ya know, there’s something to be said about a song called America. I don’t know what that “thing” is…but there’s something…probably. I have no idea.


Mayday mayday, boring fantasies are Each day so hey, sir, I’ll get the world to change

Hey hey, this boy’s looking kinda hazed A safe choice? Good choice? Falling asleep, not even hearing

Screaming it out, they play the guitar above all of the gain And over there, I don’t have to read between every line and curve Fly through the air and break down the wall of words I never say Be good and wait, but sure when you’re done with that, come find the future me

“We are all right!” ×3 Move along! With every Friday like the last, aren’t we all sick of barely getting past? Super cheap, we’re broke but we ride on hope to explode this with a boom and sound effect “We are all right!” x3 Sing along! One straining voice, one code to read It’s almost laughing, hear this melody? If you’re feeling moved, you know what to do ‘n I’ll play along with you

Smart ass? High class? Genius? They don’t mean a thing, see? Just know who I am and set me free

Hey hey, don’t play, ma’am your laughing like I’m insane I’d say choosing the passion brings the color

Pounding it out, the howling guitar will win every day At it again, my head in a spin within every rise and turn

“We are all right!” x3 Shouting out! Yeah I know it’s the only change I’ve got, and there’s no way in hell I’m giving up Take a step today, and we’re on our way to reset this mood and blow them all away “We are all right!” x3 Breaking out! One fighting voice, one code to read It’s always smiling, hear this melody? “It’s all alright” I believe inside, hearing the code that’s next in line

“We are all right!” ×3 Speaking out Trying hard through Friday every week I wanna run away just when I think But I know somewhere maybe way out there holds that bit of hope I need

“We are alright”

“We are all right!” x3 Sing along! Yeah I know it’s the only change I’ve got, So why not go for it and take a shot? “It’s all alright” now I know inside, so play along this time

Mayday mayday, boring fantasies are Each day so hey, sir, I’ll get the world to change

Slow day, no way, haze stays left behind so No brake, yes way, ma’am I’ll take the future on and

Right? Wrong? Same! Life is like a maze with no walls, move ahead and play me out

Mayday mayday, sir just know the real me When I’m up there and have the planet in my hand

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