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Well this was a big huge project! Unholy Quartet actually acting like a quartet is a super crazy, huh? Ah well we did it yay!

Rachie: "for a bunch of people who are dead on the inside due to finals this is a really jovial song

miku: lol idek who these binches are? #losers"


✦ Music: Giga P ✦ Lyrics: Reol


✦ Vocals: Unholy Quartet...Juby (me), Rachie (user/splendiferousfantasy), Kura (user/ChishioYT), Anthong (user/penguin070594) ✦ Mix: Kura ✦ Lyrics: Unholy Quartet ✦ Subs: Rachie

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Yeah we're riding waves on a night train Tally ho! We're finding a "secret" place When we get there, people smile to say then "Welcome to Wonderland!" Got a white dove, so darling And a compass pointing to every which way Straight ahead, we won't lose our way now Got it down, hear the sound of it ring! Ding dong

Blow the whistle, we’re here now; shout it loud and clear, here we go! With a hop and a step, we’ve arrived at such a wonderful place, don’tcha know? MERRY MAKING CITY C'mon lead me on by your hand, a town where the moon never goes down so Let’s dance, shout, and sing a song!

Is this place Like some sort of secret wonderland? Not at all, this place... Is really very fun (fun) (fun) It's almost like we're partying everyday

Cross the looking glass, we don't look back Follow green clowns down to a world unfound With our strange companions here in tow, we’ll drink a toast! DANCE DANCE DANCE Singing songs, knock a few back, just take a break, there’s nothing more to do Like a fairy tale that we're dreaming Go along with the fantasy night So, where ya’ll both headed off to? It's a secret land where we never have to grow We'll be kids and party forever, never get bored Yes! Wonderland! Stars are twinkling above us, and the moon is singing a super silly tune Straight ahead, we won't lose our way now Into a wonderland for only me and you Din Don

The law you see Authority If I command it, you'll bow, OK? If at my will, even as I see fit Everyone will be at loss My anger will not quit,, OH WOW IT”S ANTHONG!! What a salty queen, she's just so mean Your choice is, "Yes or Yes or Yes!" Yo, the queen’s got problems! Everything you see is mine, leave at once, don’t waste my time!

Left and right, we gather stride Now everyone get together and we’ll form a line so Turn your frowns all upside down We’re here at last-that secret land we’d wanted so bad

But you see, my dream Yes, the dream I’d always dreamed So bright a world that always seemed to gleam I never ever wanted to grow up and leave All the special people I meet

But hey now If you stay here like this, you. can’t. go and see your mommy or your daddy No way hosé, you’re lying to me! Can’t I see my mama here? Never see my papa? Never is a long time, right? A promise kept in this, it’s a wonderland filled with bliss, now I wonder which will you choose?

What to do? Ain’t got a clue! I love papa and mama dearly, but growing up is my worst nightmare, I swear! What to do? Ain’t got a clue! You’re running out of time Hey, hurry up before the train arrives because it’s coming soon

Now we're waiting here for the night train to come and pick us up again It’ll pull in here at 12 So, what will you do? Soon the doorway won’t open, and the next world will be closed off for good! Take a leap of faith and go onward! Let's go!

Yeah we're riding waves on a night train Tally ho! We’re now on our way back home Where a warm house will be awaiting with “Welcome back!” “I'm home!” Got a clever dove who’s so darling, having fun with a smile and a tweet tweet tweet Throw your hands up, moving ahead now, sing it out with everything you got!

From the looking glass, came the children with a secret hidden between the two In a pleasant world, everyone raise your glass, Drink a toast! DANCE DANCE DANCE Stars are twinkling above us, and your hands up tell us that you’re alright Like a fairy tale that we're dreaming, Go along with the fantasy~ night

With a bright and lovely singing voice, With it, our secret night now comes to an end! (AND CHEERS) Through the looking glass, and back into the past Their time spent there will remain their secret What a very lovely secret! Coming altogether in a fantasy night Stars are lighting around us, for a day everything was fantastic Stars are lighting around us, for a day, yep, everything was fantastic

So, go and turn the page, so the story can begin (x4) So, raise our hands one last time, cLick cRack

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