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Have you seen the stars tonight?

Well I'm back!....Aaand that's all I can think of to say, wow. I've been sitting here for a good twenty minutes trying to type something witty and concise but it's just not coming to me. So how about I just say hey, tadaima, hope you've all been good, I got lost in August, still traveling the woods, made a few friends in the meantime, continued on with college, revealed my animu dubs, and did a little live streaming...which we'll continue on Valentines.

Phew! Anyway, while I was gone, I listened to a lot of amazing songs - obviously vocaloid - and this one struck me possibly the hardest. I've always meant to get around to doing some of the Mikagura School Suite songs but never found the time until this song walked into my life. The long "dou-shi-te-" phrases literally made my heart ache with pain, so I did what any sane person would do and listened to it five hundred more times. Then wrote lyrics. Then recorded it in my sister's closet- haha but I digress. I hope I can do more of this series in the future and shove Mikagura's beauty into people's soft baby faces.

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✦ Music and Lyrics: Last Note. ✦ Guitar: Moyashi (もやし) / Meriken (メリケン) ✦ Bass: Irojiro (色白) ✦ Violin: Teppei-Sensei (てっぺい先生) ✦ Illust and Movie: 明菜 (Akina) ✦ Watch:


✦ Vocals: Me ✦ Mix: Me ✦ Lyrics: Me ✦ Subs: Me ✦ Translation Ref: AmeSubs

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Filtering out the rain, my finder shooting ‘round each cloud Grabbing stars I guess that you could say when I breathe them a sigh, this night Falls away Drawing out one by one, my finger tracing all those lines Giving them names, bright and newly sewn, I spent my days gazing All alone

Light-years they’ve been waiting, crossing through the galaxy, escaping Why leave me a glow so friendly, one I don't even deserve to get? Wishing the crying and the aching bursting from my eyes would turn to stardust Then…could I flare through the air? Maybe I can be strong

Watching the sun pour out, a sigh that blew the rain away Clear blue sky Already looking down, I know the storm is right behind My cold back They say when stormy days are over, “only clear skies are up ahead!” Your laugh, your small umbrella, and your kindness saved Me from rain

Night and day; they’re leaving, but I could grow although I’m reaching Say I’m in a “glow”? I swear I don’t know how you even see me yet Just like a flare from out of nowhere, shining for a world that really needs you Hey, cant you see you’re the sunlight igniting our lives?

Used to crying, now I’m leaving Thank my old self for believing In a future where I could finally break free Wishing to the stars for so long, but couldn't see

It came true all too soon Light-years and the raining cleared to show a sky so bright, amazing Leading me away, why does my heart sway, painful things I just don't get? Seeing a whole new world of starlight glittering a moon Who’s only sixteen Hey, have I changed for the better? Do you think I’m strong?

Gravity I can see all around you and pulls me along

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